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Sep 28 2009, 12:33 PM
man, chloe has quite the set of balls, asking a priest to annul her marrage to lucas. i'm not a catholic, practicing or otherwise, but i have a feeling a loveless marriage isn't grounds for an anullment. as far as i can recollect, the grounds for annulement boil down to a person either being forced into a marraige against their will, or the marraige never being consummated in the first place, neither of which applies to chloe and lucas.
I'm not Catholic either, but if my Google results are to be believed, Chloe might actually be able to make a case--and even if SHE can't, LUCAS certainly could, on the grounds that he entered into the marriage without the knowledge that she was in love with someone else.

One or both parties may have entered the marriage with good will, but lacked the openness, honesty, maturity, fully free choice, right motivation, emotional stability, or capacity to establish a community of life and love with another person.


I would say Lucas ought to be able to make a pretty solid case he never would have married Chloe had he known about her sexual romping with Daniel and that she only married him because she promised God she would in order to keep God from smiting Lucas. I've never understood why God would only save Lucas if a woman who didn't love him and who had cheated on him agreed to marry him, but I guess that's an entirely different theological question.
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