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Sep 28 2009, 02:55 PM
I don't understand why they keep bringing Father Matt around and have Chloe asking for an annulment. A. Lucas and Chloe weren't married by the Church. B. Chloe's not even Catholic, and C. A religious annulment isn't the same thing as a legal one, so there's absolutely nothing of use for FM to do here.
I thought we were supposed to assume everyone in town is Catholic. As a Protestant, while I respect Catholic priests I would never seek religious advice from one, so I have to assume Chloe either is or wants to be Catholic.

Also, is Daniel Catholic? (See my first sentence above, I'm guessing he is.) If Chloe wants to marry Daniel in church (a Catholic church) then I would think she would have to have her prior marriage annulled regardless of who performed the ceremony. I guess I could ask my cousin, who was married in a Protestant church, got divorced, and then converted to Catholicism when she married her second husband. I vaguely thought she had to get an annulment even though her first marriage was not a Catholic ceremony.

Incidentally, I am in no way defending the writers, because I hate them meddling in religious matters when they clearly don't know what they're talking about. I just don't understand how it works but I don't recall ever hearing that only prior Catholic marriages had to be recognized as annulled by the Catholic church prior to a person entering into a second (or in Chloe's case, third) marriage.
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