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Well, here's what americancatholic.org has to say about a Lucas/Chloe situation:

Some Case Studies

7 Joe, a lifelong Catholic, had a miserable first marriage that ended in divorce. He now seeks to marry Joannah, who is Catholic too, but has never married. They are deeply in love and want a Catholic wedding. What if Joe’s previous marriage was “outside the Church,” say, by a justice of the peace?

The Church requires that a baptized Roman Catholic marry before one of its representatives, usually a priest or deacon, unless special permission was granted otherwise. When a Catholic does not observe this requirement and marries “out of the Church,” and eventually divorces, the annulment process involves two steps.

The first is securing the Catholic’s baptismal record, a copy of an official document indicating the location of the marriage and the person who performed the ceremony, and the divorce papers. The second is completing a relatively brief form that seeks the above information and asks a few additional questions about circumstances concerning the celebration of the marriage.

This form and the supporting documents showing who witnessed the wedding are sent to the bishop’s office or, more specifically, his diocesan marriage tribunal. It ordinarily processes the application in a few days and returns the petitioner an annulment or declaration of nullity based on the “lack of canonical form.” The individual is now free to pursue subsequent marriage within the Church.


This assumes, of course, that Chloe is a baptized Roman Catholic and that she wants to marry Daniel in a Catholic ceremony. If both those things are true--and I have no idea why she would be talking to a priest about an annulment if they weren't--then it certainly seems from this that she needs an annulment, which would be relatively simply granted because it wasn't a true marriage in the Church's eyes in the first place.
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