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I so wish...just once...that Nicole would slap EJ's hands away from her neck! She has been in abusive relationships before, so maybe she reverts, but no matter if she is lying or not, Ej needs to keep the hands away from the strangling position.
When it comes to Nicole vs. EJ, she always comes off as a sympathetic character for having to put up with his hostile ass. The good old EJ would pretend everything is good, get Nicole to relax then go digging like mad until he found the truth and mess with her with it...he wouldn't sit there and throw accusations, and keep asking for the truth. He would have found it by now.
Maybe that is what love does to EJ.

I hated Nicole's dress and that neckline. Hated the hair and bangs.

After reading Casey D's twitters recently, he has become more attractive to me. He was always good looking, but nice guy + good looking = hot.

I love that neither Daniel or Chloe think that anything is wrong with Chloe jumping into another marriage...this will be her third marriage and 2nd rebound marriage.

Thanks for the info about the annullments, Pax. Knowing Chloe and Lucas got married in Vegas, I figured those two needed a divorce before Chloe could marry in the Church...not Fr. Matt granting her an annullment. But IRL, I have no clue about Christian marriages/Catholic marriages/annullments. Always good to learn new stuff! :) Either way, Days should just ignore stuff like that...like they do with kids on the show and Uncle Mickey.

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