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Sep 28 2009, 07:47 PM
But that was her nightmare (my fantasy :lol: ), not the reality. But you're right - EJ never used to show his anger like this with Sami. He worked to stay a step ahead of her - and succeeded most of the time. A huge difference and one of the reasons I :wub: EJami. :)

:hmmph: Um...I kind of remember EJ pretending to be a doctor and injecting a "poison" into Sami's IV while she was pregnant in order to scare the shit out of her when he was mad at her. Then, making her think she was crazy. Granted, he did really sexy, but still. :smile:
I guess for Sami, EJ was mentally/psychologically abusive, and for Nicole, it comes off as physically abusive (i.e. throwing shit, hands on neck). And granted, he wasn't choking her, but it looked like a means to intimidate/scare her.
I am sure if Rafe did it to Sami, he would be crowned abusive asshole for the year not deserving of any woman ever...excuse me, abusive boring asshole of the year. :wink:

I miss you, Liz, but I understand.
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