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I said it already earlier, and I'll say it again. Sami and Arianna's scenes were great! I'm not sure if this is their first scene together since Lindsey Hartley joined the show, but this is the first scene I've seen them in together. Seeing Hartley and Alison Sweeney in the same scene was weird at first, but then once things started going, I got chills. Sami and Arianna need to remain enemies forever. I would totally love to see them at each other's throats on the daily. Hopefully, both ladies will ditch Rafe and Brady so that we can see the two of them in a triangle fighting over another man.

Meredith is a psycho bitch. I hope we get a fight scene between her and Sami if it's Sami who saves Rafe. Meredith could be Kristen to Sami's Marlena.

For some reason, I don't enjoy EJ's random trips to the dark side. It sounds good on paper, but the material they give him, or maybe it's James Scott's choice at acting out the material, it comes off as just off. He's always screaming and I just roll my eyes every time he gets upset and yells. It's too much. This is not the same EJ DiMera that beat the shit out of Patrick Lockhart with his belt. I was scared of that EJ. This one, not so much.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm starting to accept Daniel and Chloe. Maybe it's because that horrible affair storyline is over.
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