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Sep 28 2009, 10:53 PM
Sep 28 2009, 10:21 PM
Sep 28 2009, 10:15 PM
I really think CC's return is the shot in the arm this show needs. I really hope it doesn't flop like Steve and Kayla's return did.
The show's done well enough without her this year but I agree. It needed a big jolt if it wants to attract major attention and attempt to bring in even better numbers. CC is one of the few (if not the only) soap stars getting mainstream attention right now so it makes this move look even better and Louise Sorel is a fan favorite that many current fans should still remember (as opposed to someone out of the 80's).

I really hope it works out for Days. The show has been solid all year (with the exception of a somewhat slow July) and it's just continued to get better and better. CC and Sorel returning should up the ante big time and I hope the numbers respond.
These pictures are just funny.

I think so far, this year's ratings and last year's ratings are actually about the same. They end up averaging out really close. 2008 had 10 weeks below a 2.0 (before this week of September), and so far 2009 has had 9. 2008 had a 2.4, 2008 had two 2.4s and the highest 2009 has gotten is 2.2. To actually get ahead for the year, they're going to need to do something. I for one could not care less about Carly, Vivian, Lawrence, or even Justin (he's getting on my nerves currently). But at this point, Carly's story does at least sound a little bit interesting. I just hope she doesn't come over, and completely dominate the airtime (though I don't mind her pushing Sami aside...).
In all honesty, I wouldn't count one of those 2.4's because it came during the Olympics. Without the Olympic lead-in, Days would've never brought in the ratings it did that week. I believe many questioned if people even watched the show that week given the Olympics is usually on in restaurants, bars, etc and the TV could've easily been left on following the Olympic events.

Sara Bibel and SON posted some great numbers. Days is the only show that either sustained it's audience or went up vs last year in each category. No other show did that. In this day and age of bleeding ratings for both daytime and primetime, minimal increases or merely staying the same IS an accomplishment. Days' success is made all the more impressive by the fact that they got rid of popular vets, went through a crazy transition, and didn't really have any big stunts for ratings unless you count Grace's death but that came from within the story. The only two 2.4's Days got in 2008 stemmed from ratings stunts (the plane crash and the hospital lockdown). Not to mention I already mentioned the Olympics potentially inflating the numbers for the hospital lockdown week.

The thing about CC is that she's really the only star in soaps getting mainstream attention unless you count Ali Sweeney but CC has her beat appearing on CNN and such. I think Days has been very smart about who've they've brought on the show. They've reached out to Passions fans and now they are reaching out to GL/Otalia/CC fans. Bringing back Louise Sorel will bring back some old fans. You take all that and add it to what Days has and if they continue as they have this year, I think they could finally break out of the 2.0-2.2 range they've been stuck in for most of the year. We'll see but the good thing is I don't see Days dropping below 2.0 at all until at least May when summer is approaching, which seems to be when Days sees lower numbers nowadays.
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