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Halloween Family
Sep 28 2009, 11:41 PM
Sep 28 2009, 08:12 PM
^ Oh, please!
Do you really wanna go there. EJ has done WORSE to Sami, but some people tend to forget it or ignore it. When EJ even puts his hands on someone (especially Nicole), its called "abusive" or "he's wasnt like that with Sami."

I think we all should be in any woman's corner when men use physical actions towards women, not discuss how he's "less abusive."

Next time he does that shit....Nicole NEEDS to tell him, BACK OFF and kick him in the balls!

What I saw today, I wouldnt consider abuse, but I dont like it either. There are many ways to convey anger then that.

I really dont post that much here because it always winds down to SAFE v Ejami v Ejole, but I had to say something about the argument made by some about EJ's actions towards Nicole.
I think what he did today was abusive and he's been shown similar treatment to Sami, Kate, & Melanie. EJ's roughed up Sami before too, he put his hands around her neck and squeezed that night they had their rendevous at the cabin in 2007. EJ certainly was no gentleman with Kate when he grabbed her by the throat at the pier the night he was drunk and was pissed that she told him "be a man!"

While I understand why Nicole doesn't do it, I SOOOOOOOOOO want her to get her balls back and tell him "TO KEEP HIS FUCKING HANDS OFF!"

I really dont know what James Scott is thinking this is doing for his character. Usually I like the rough dark characters but even I find this offputting.

Liz, hopefully you keeping posting!
ITA with all you said. EJ has been both physically and emotionally abusive to women. A man should never be putting his hands on a woman except out of love and yes-- there is no less or more abusive. It is just plain abuse. EJ certainly could have handled that situation a lot differently than he did. Seeing the rage and ranting all the time has gone too far, IMO. His character has gone down the tubes with all of those actions, and I don't see how it can be redeemed at this point.
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