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It certainly would have been better to have him be the son of Judge Karen "On-The-Take" Fitzpatrick. After all, she has been around for several years and only within the past year has she become a DiMera Stooge. The DA is played by an actor known for his comedy and has appeared in what, 5 episodes?

Plus, as the son of Karen Fitzpatrick, he could have retained his "Peterson" identity as the judge could be re-married or retained a maiden name.

I don't want him to be a long-lost child of one of the four legacy families (Horton/Brady/DiMera/Alemain). Things have been too incestuous on DOOL for the past dozen years. The actor is by far the strongest of the "younger set" and could carry a storyline, just not as the son of Joe Isuzu.

Hmmmm, musing aloud. Perhaps Mia's mom could be the Judge. Although I sorta imagine "Mrs McCormick" being a tad white-trashy, given that one daughter was tossed from home when knocked up at 15 and the other was shacked up with BF #1, then almost immediately BF #2, who dragged her from Salem, leaving Mia homeless a second time.
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