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Sep 30 2009, 03:15 AM
It certainly would have been better to have him be the son of Judge Karen "On-The-Take" Fitzpatrick. After all, she has been around for several years and only within the past year has she become a DiMera Stooge. The DA is played by an actor known for his comedy and has appeared in what, 5 episodes?

Plus, as the son of Karen Fitzpatrick, he could have retained his "Peterson" identity as the judge could be re-married or retained a maiden name.

I don't want him to be a long-lost child of one of the four legacy families (Horton/Brady/DiMera/Alemain). Things have been too incestuous on DOOL for the past dozen years. The actor is by far the strongest of the "younger set" and could carry a storyline, just not as the son of Joe Isuzu.

Hmmmm, musing aloud. Perhaps Mia's mom could be the Judge. Although I sorta imagine "Mrs McCormick" being a tad white-trashy, given that one daughter was tossed from home when knocked up at 15 and the other was shacked up with BF #1, then almost immediately BF #2, who dragged her from Salem, leaving Mia homeless a second time.
Miaīs parents are poor. That much was established when she first appear. And I think her background is plausible. Her relationship with mum went ugly when her mum found a new boyfriend, Mia got pregnant and her mum threw her out. It happens. I donīt think they need to make Mia related with someone in Salem, they just need to play her bond with Maggie more and finally give her some sister-like scenes with Melanie. Itīs weird those two live together and never interact. I quess itīs because the teens are part of a different taping block, so itīs easier from the production standpoint, but I would love to see some bonding scenes between them.

Anyway, I seriously doubt the show plans to make Chad a real son of Mr. Woods. John Isuzu taped maybe five episodes so far and no way they plan to make him a longterm character. But if there is an upcoming story which will question Chadīs parenthood they need someone to play his current parents on screen first. So they could either hire some new dayplayers, or use some already introduced character with a fitting background. I think the writers are just trying to connect the random dots related to his parrenthood they made so far not knowing they will actually really need to delve into it more in future. Itīs very much like what they did with Mia who also was supposed to be just a plot device for Nicol to get her child, not a longterm character.

With all the latest news I think the connection between Carly and Chad seems to be more and more plausible. CC said Carly heads back to Salem because she needs Bo to help her protect someone very close to her. Someone, who is apparently already in Salem. Not Rafe, because she has yet to meet him. Daniel? Why she wouldnīt just called him? It has to be someone who doesnīt know he/she could be in danger and who is not able to protect himself/herself. Now we have another hint with TPTB suddenly changing Chadī surname. And another hint from Nelson who said he is not happy with the second twist in Carlyīs story and who it involves. Of course, the characters Nelson dislikes most are teens.
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