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Sep 30 2009, 02:22 AM
Sep 29 2009, 09:21 PM
Sep 29 2009, 01:44 AM
CC is more hot right now then Ali is. Ali's been hosting TBL for awhile now but she isn't exactly commanding alot of attention because she's been doing that gig for a few years now. The only other notable thing outside of Days she did of late was the MDA telethon. CC, on the other hand, has been on CNN and various talk shows promoting Venice and the Otalia romance brought alot of attention to her and GL. She's big RIGHT NOW so her return could have major impact whereas Sweeney's pretty much still where's been so she's not the hot name right now. Now, if Ali came out tomorrow and was announced as getting a new talk show on NBC or something, then things would be different and she would be the hot name.

That is what I'm talking about. The name that is going to make an impact right now is more likely to be CC because she's had a year that has brought her major attention and upped her star level.
I imagine the average non-soap fan is (slightly) more likely to pick AS out of a line-up than CC. Does it matter, though? Neither actress is mainstream enough to the point that they are commercially valuable in and of themselves to the show. I doubt we're looking at a Heather Locklear type ratings boost however "hot" CC might be at the moment. A few die hard GL/Otalia fans is probably the best TPTB can hope for.
I agree with that. Ali may be a bit more recognizable, although CC has been getting alot of press of late for Venice so who knows. That is why I think she has a chance at bumping the ratings and bringing the show some attention. Hell, I didn't buy it too much at the time but I do think bringing Martsolf and Gering on last Fall helped Days stabilize in the ratings a bit. If they can have ANY impact, CC definitely can. I guess we'll see. I hope it does help.

As for that last pic, it looks awesome. I'm so intrigued. I love how mysterious and how classic soap her return is. Carly is on a plane there yet we see her with Rafe sailing back to Salem. I wonder what happens. Maybe she is afraid of getting caught by the people after her so she flies into an airport outside Salem and decides to sail back to Salem and that is how she finds Rafe.

As for Carly being a spoiler to Sami and Rafe, I doubt it. Maybe way down the line but they will explore Carly and Bo first. I mean, Corday went on about it when it was announced CC first returned and the promos and interviews NBC has posted do nothing but focus on Carly and Bo. If they don't involve Carly with Bo and Hope, Bo and Hope have no story so I wouldn't worry about Carly coming between Sami and Rafe. I just think they are being smart and having her interact with characters already on the canvas. Sure, they may be chemistry testing a bit but that is common for future reference.
I heard exactly what you are talking about. Carly ends up sailing into Salem and finds Rafe floating in the water and rescues him. She nurses him back to health somewhat, but wants to turn him over to his real family, so she contacts Bo to find out who he is ( remember meredith took his wallet). Of course, Bo knows who he is and that is how he gets reconnected to his family, and I am assuming, Sami.
I think this is a good idea b/c it may help to form a bond with Rafe and Bo and with Sami being part of Bo's family, that gives more of a Salem connection to Rafe. It will also help with the idea of bringing down the Dimeras, as Roman wanted-- especially if Rafe remembers that Stefano was the one who brought Meredith back to Salem and was ultimately responsible for breaking up Sami and him.

Things are getting really interesting and IMO, the writers are doing a good job of playing it just right!!!!
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