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This week's SOD features interviews with James Scott and Ari Zucker, and this week's SOW features an interview with James Scott.

When EJ confronts Nicole, she breaks down and tells him that his baby died. Ari Zucker tells SOD that the conversation is "a play by play to see what he knows," because Nicole does not want to reveal too much to EJ.

EJ does not deal well with Nicole's confession. "He's very angry, upset, hurt, generally not too thrilled," James Scott tells SOD. Scott continues that this is different than when Sami told him about Grace, because then EJ was shocked with the information. Here, EJ has already come to terms with it before he confronts Nicole.

Zucker characterizes EJ's reaction a bit differently, however. "EJ is so pissed," she tells SOD. "He feels so stupid... I think the level of stupidity he feels makes him so angry, because he didn't even see it... He gave her so many opportunities and she came up with so many lies."

Zucker says that Nicole still wants to keep their family intact. Nicole tells EJ that they can get over this obstacle. "She is so delusional and so determined to keep this family together that it's ok that she lied," Zucker tells SOD. Scott, however, says: "That's bull. It's so clearly bull. They're not a family... You can't seriously expect EJ to be like, 'Oh, okay, well I suppose we are really a family... where did you get the baby from? Oh okay. Want to go out for dinner tonight?'" Scott says EJ doesn't know what he should do next, though.

Chloe interrupts EJ and Nicole's conversation to tell them that Stefano is in the hospital because he became ill at Chez Rouge. EJ leaves and tells Nicole not to follow him. Nicole, however, asks Chloe to watch Sydney, and she goes to the hospital.

At the hospital, EJ tells Nicole that he wants Nicole and Sydney to leave the house permanently. Scott tells SOD that EJ is afraid that Sydney's father, whoever he may be, will one day show up and want to reclaim Sydney. Because of this, EJ would "rather have all the pain right now and let it be done".

At this point, Nicole decides she must tell EJ that Sydney is in fact his biological child. She thinks this is her last hope, and she thinks perhaps EJ will let her stay with him because she's telling the truth. However, EJ will not listen to her, and she is unable to tell him. She yells at him to please listen, but he won't let her say what she wants to.

As they're arguing, Sami comes to the hospital with Sydney, because Chloe had asked her to babysit when Chloe had to leave the mansion. "Poor old EJ," says Scott, "What could make this situation worse? Oh, that could. 'Hello, Samantha.'" EJ again tells Nicole that she and Sydney must leave the mansion. Nicole leaves, and EJ tells Sami about Nicole's lies. "He tells Sami stuff like this because he likes to keep a connection to her," Scott tells SOW. "He'll never admit it but he's still in love with her, or loves her in some way." He asks Sami if he can take care of Johnny that night.

Nicole meets with Brady and "breaks down in his arms", according to SOW. Nicole tells him what's happened, and she blames him for the fact that things went wrong. Nicole goes to the Salem Inn, and she tries to come up with a plan so that she can get back together with EJ. Zucker says, "There is no question in her mind that they are going to get back together."

SOD asks if EJ can forgive Nicole. "Yes, he really loves her," Scott says.

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