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This week's SOD and SOW each feature an interview with Crystal Chappell.

Carly murders Lawrence, and then she decides to return to Salem. "There is something there she has to do, there is someone there she needs to take care of and protect," Chappell tells SOD. Carly has flashbacks during her trip to Salem. Chappell says that through the flashbacks, Carly remembers that Bo is "very good at protecting people". Carly wants to contact Bo and Justin and ask them to help her.

Carly tries to call Bo, but there is turbulence on the plane and the call doesn't go through. "During all that, she's just frantic and in disbelief about what she's done," Chappell says.

Chappell says the audience will gradually learn what led Carly to kill Lawrence. "It's been a hard life [for Carly]. There were some good times, but there have mostly been difficulties." Chappell says that Carly is "fierce and edgy and she has a darkness to her she didn't have when she left and a bit of a flippant sense of humor," and Chappell says she's "grateful" for that.

By the end of the week, SOW says that "Lawrence's minions are on to Carly", and that as "Carly's plane nosedives", she has a vision of Lawrence. Chappell says that "Lawrence becomes Carly's tormentor," and that he haunts her, telling her that she'll join him in death. Chappell concludes that Carly "knows if she doesn't get to Salem fast, someone close to her will die. It's a very important person in her life.... what would happen if Carly doesn't get to Salem is worse than death for her."

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