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dc cubs
Sep 30 2009, 01:30 PM
Sep 30 2009, 01:22 PM
Wait -- I don't think Carly gave Nicholas away. There's a difference between having a baby taken from you without your consent to giving one away willingly and knowing where the child is.
You're right that Carly didn't give Nicholas away. Vivian took him from her. However, I still don't think Carly would willingly give up a child for adoption after the feelings of loss she went through with Nicky.
She would if she felt she had to protect him or her. Carly knew what kind of man Lawrence was. She only took off with him for Nicky's sake because she wanted him to have a good life and she wanted all of them to be at peace.

I do agree that the long lost child angle is problematic because Carly's been down this road before. Vivian told her Nicky died and raised Nicky and it took years for the truth to come out. However, I think the fact that it did happen before can reinforce this story because it adds even more emotional weight to things. Plus, most of the current audience probably doesn't even know Carly or Lawrence or that previous story so they should have no issue pulling it off for a bulk of the audience.

I do think it has to be Bo's or why else would she get rid of the child? She knew what kind of man Lawrence was and she already had Nicky with him so it makes no sense for her to give up Lawrence's child. I think it's Bo's and I do believe it will be Chad, especially after reading Casey's tweet.

I don't even mind that Bo had a long lost child story with Chelsea because that story never should've happened. I did grow to like Chelsea but JER should've never undid Chelsea/Georgia's death. That was a stupid gimmick used to create round two of Hope/Bo/Billie. One thing I will say is that while Chad or someone else being Bo and Carly's child may start a triangle with Carly/Bo/Hope...at least it will make more sense and will be about more then simply breaking up Bo and Hope. There is a whole lot more drama and repercussions here and at least nothing really has to be rewritten to make it work. Carly could've easily been pregnant when she left Salem.

I think this could be good for all involved. I think Chad as Bo's son will be awesome and will add something to the Will/Mia/Chad stuff. Chad really needs more connections to Salem. I think Carly needs another connection in Salem. I really want this now, although I would've been just fine with Melanie being Carly's daughter too.
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