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Dr. Chip

In the old days, Roman and Bo would be talking about Bo's problems with Hope. And the dialogue would go something like this:

ROMAN: You and Hope will work things out. You've been together most of your lives. You've never loved anyone else but Hope.

BO: Well, there was Billie.

ROMAN: Oh, yeah. And Carly.

BO: Yep. Carly Manning. I try not to think about her. It's too painful. I'll never forget the way she just walked out on me and went off with Larry Alamain.

Then we would get the Carly scenes.

But the way they're doing it this time is just springing it on us out of the blue at the end of tomorrow's episode. The end of the show is on Prevuze's website. It's awesome . . . and Crystal Chappell looks FIERCE as she stabs her hubby in the gut after he called her a bitch!!!
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