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Dr. Chip
Oct 1 2009, 04:30 PM
In the old days, Roman and Bo would be talking about Bo's problems with Hope. And the dialogue would go something like this:

ROMAN: You and Hope will work things out. You've been together most of your lives. You've never loved anyone else but Hope.

BO: Well, there was Billie.

ROMAN: Oh, yeah. And Carly.

BO: Yep. Carly Manning. I try not to think about her. It's too painful. I'll never forget the way she just walked out on me and went off with Larry Alamain.

Then we would get the Carly scenes.

But the way they're doing it this time is just springing it on us out of the blue at the end of tomorrow's episode. The end of the show is on Prevuze's website. It's awesome . . . and Crystal Chappell looks FIERCE as she stabs her hubby in the gut after he called her a bitch!!!
I agree.

Although, I can see Ellie's point too. You like there to be buildup but most times the buildup comes off forced and ruins the inevitable surprise. One of the things I like about what they do tomorrow is that bringing Carly back like that will grip the audience right away. Even the fans who don't know her or Lawrence will want to know who they are and what is going on. I actually think the approach is smart. You have her kill Lawrence in her return scene and then wonder WTF?! Fans will care right off the bat. Then, next week things slowly unfold. New fans come to know her and her connections to Salem and that will help build investment.

I also agree about Days and their long-term planning. I've been seeing it since last November. You could tell the show started having a long-term vision and everything affects what is to come. Even the inconsistent Lucas/Chloe/Daniel/Kate stuff led to a goldmine in the Stefano and Kate union. The show had been lacking a long-term plan since the SSK story got screwed with in 2004. Tomlin and Whitesell brought long-term direction and vision back to Days and I'm glad they did because that is what the show needed more then anything else and I think that is why the show and it's numbers have responded as they have.
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