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Brady in Black-and-White

Ever since Nicole miscarried her baby, Brady has helped her carry that secret, and the others that piled up on top of it to hide that first lie, like adopting a baby from Mia. And there's one big reason (besides not wanting to see her get hurt). As Eric said, "the guy has it bad for her and it's testing him." Eric continued. "There's nothing the guy wouldn't do for her in order to protect her. I think that's his first instinct. Because he knows when these things come out, EJ's going to want blood. And he doesn't want anything to happen to her." Of course, at the same time, "you've got to love feeling right!" Brady had tried to tell her that the truth would eventually come out, and, as predicted, it did.

At the same time, Brady does feel for the situation that EJ is in. After all, he was the one Nicole duped. Although Brady has never "had a nice thing to say about him," he does feel that there's a "certain unfairness to the situation." Through the process of recovery, Brady has had to learn "about forgiveness and truth and how you just have to be honest with yourself." And, honestly? Eric says Brady feels sorry for the guy.

"It's when the mind and the heart collide," Eric continued. "Did I just say that?! I think that's what he's struggling with. His heart is with Nicole and his mind is with 'do the right thing.'" And it's these little inconsistencies about Brady that Eric enjoys so much. "The one thing I love about the character is he isn't perfect or infallible," Eric told us. "He is flip-flopping when it comes to this. Let's keep the secret. No, let's tell the truth. Wait, we've got to keep this a secret! He tells Mia that he believes she should keep it a secret. And all the while he's been telling Nicole she's just to tell the truth."

"When he came back to Salem," Eric continued, "his intentions were to make amends, to get closure, to do things like that. And of course he found himself in the middle of these controversies, and in essence, falling in love with someone that I don't think anybody, including Brady, really thought was going to happen." And this is definitely testing what he's worked so very hard on, his sobriety. Could he go "off the wagon?" As Eric said, "these circumstances may very well just throw him back."

"He's not very sure as to what the right thing is anymore," Eric continued. "It makes for an interesting character. He's not the guy who always takes that proper path. Brady's not that guy."

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