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Catching Up with Crystal

I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with Emmy Award-winning actress, Crystal Chappell. We met up in her Days of our Lives dressing room and I was immediately made to feel at home. Just moments before, she was shooting some pretty emotional scenes along side Peter Reckell and her real-life husband, Michael Sabatino. But, like the professional she is, as soon as the scene was finished, she hopped out of character and became Crystal again. Our question-and-answer sit-down was short and sweet. I got some great answers to my questions that I'm sure you fans are dying to hear. Crystal even managed to get some laughs out of her husband, who was also chilling out in her dressing room.
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Days Insider: Now that you are back in Los Angeles...? (Crystal moved back to L.A. after she wrapped up "Guiding Light," which was filmed in New York.)

Crystal: Well, it's been great being back. Michael is from here, so it's been nice for him, as well. I totally forgot that it's sunny here all the time. When you get used to New York weather, especially lately, it's a bit of shock coming back to L.A. and seeing sunshine in your daily forecast.

Days Insider: What has it been like being back on Days of our Lives?

Crystal: I've been having so much fun and I'm working with such a great story. I love my character, she's evolved and she's edgier. She even has a sense of humor, thank God! I'm having a blast working with Peter again, and Michael, and sharing scenes with Kristian. I'm just having a lot of fun.

Days Insider: Is there a certain direction you would like to see Carly Manning take?

Crystal: You know, I just like characters that get in trouble. I think Carly is very passionate about things and sometimes that leads to getting herself in trouble and in return, I think that is a lot of fun.

Days Insider: Is there an actor or character that you look forward to having more scenes with, this time around?

Crystal: Well, I'm mostly coming back to the show with a new cast, so I look forward to sharing scenes with a lot of new people. With Peter, it's like trying on a pair of comfortable shoes, I enjoy sharing scenes with him. And I have never gotten to work with Kristian, so I look forward to working with her. Then we have Louise Sorel coming back as Vivian and I expect some great stuff with her and that will be a blast.

Days Insider: Looking back, do you have a favorite storyline from Carly's past?

Crystal: I was given lots of good ones, but the big one that people recognize me most for is the buried alive story. I mean, how often do you get to do that, as an actress? I am also a fan of all the romantic stuff. I think that's what I like most about Days is they are great with telling US stories. It was also great to do the Bo and Carly love story back then. I remember our Aztec wedding that we actually really shot in Mexico, which was fun. I have a lot of good memories from back then.

Days Insider: Well, welcome back! I'm glad you are having a lot of fun and I'm sure fans will be eager to see what they can expect with Carly's return.

Crystal: Thank you!

I am sure you are anticipating Crystal's return on Days as much as I am. As always, leave comments on where you'd like to see Carly's storyline go and whom you would like to see Crystal share scenes with. I have a feeling we should expect a lot of shake-ups in Salem when October rolls around.

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