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Crystal Chappell: Returning to Days of Our Lives

Some weeks ago, we published the first part of our exclusive three-part interview with Crystal Chappell, the Emmy award winning actress noted for her popular stints as Carly Manning/Katerina von Leuschner on Days of Our Lives (1990-1993), Maggie Carpenter on One Life to Live (1995-1997), and of course, Olivia Spencer on Guiding Light (1999-2009) where she won that Emmy. In between soap roles, Crystal had numerous guest spots in primetime and syndicated television series.

October 2009 brings Ms. Chappell back full circle to her first front burner role as Carly on Days of Our Lives. In this second part of our interview with Crystal, she talks about going back to where it all began and working once again with her husband, Michael Sabatino, and Louise Sorel, who tormented Carly as the evil Vivian Alamain.

Days of Our Lives is obviously banking on a nice ratings boost from the near-simultaneous arrival of these three longtime favorites. Based on what we've seen and heard from the fans who have responded to the first part of our interview, the level of excitement for Crystal's return has reached fever pitch so this was pretty much a safe bet on DAYS' part. See for yourself on Friday, October 2 as Crystal Chappell makes her grand reappearance on the Salem canvas.

Our thanks once again to Crystal Chappell for speaking with us and to Cathie and the gang over at ccandfriends.com, and Crystal's publicist, Leslie Penny, for making this all happen.

US TOWNHALL: Regarding your original audition for the role of Carly Manning back in 1990, Do you remember which actresses were also up for the role of Carly that would be recognizable to the fans?

CRYSTAL CHAPPELL: Oh God, there were a lot of us. I really donít remember. I just remember there being a lot of girls testing for the part.

USTH: You met your husband, Michael Sabatino, on the set of DAYS. What was it about him that originally drew you to him? Did you both hit it off as friends right from the beginning?

CC: Well, you know he was wearing a suit and I happen to like man in a suit and he stood up and kissed my hand. Thatís what I remember. I was smitten from the beginning. He was just a very fun, easy person to be around.

USTH: How did he originally propose to you? Was the scene very romantic where everything went off perfectly or was it some sort of comedy of errors that worked out okay in the end?

CC: Well, this is a story that I told, but he took me hiking in the Sierras and five days into it after my body was extremely sore and beaten-up, he proposed to me on top of Elizabeth Pass and it was beautiful, perfect. He really made me work for that proposal.

USTH: If a deal couldnít be struck for you to return to DAYS, what other soap would you have been interested in doing?

CC: The Young and The Restless, and I wouldnít have minded going back to One Life To Live.

USTH: How did it feel to be back on the DAYS set after having been gone for so long? How much was different and how much had not changed at all?

CC: Well, it has been great being back. Everyone has been very welcoming and nice. It really feels the same to me, a lot of new faces, but it is still DAYS. I am really having a great time.

USTH: Have you had scenes yet with your old acting partners Louise Sorel (Vivian) and your husband, Michael Sabatino (Lawrence)? If so, what was it like to share the stage with them again?

CC: I have had scenes with them individually, and it is great to resurrect these characters and relationships because it was never easy with the Alamains.

USTH: During your original stint on DAYS, probably the thing that most fans would remember is that your character was buried alive by Louise Sorelís character. Can we assume that Carly wonít let bygones be bygones? Do fans have good old-fashioned soap fireworks to look forward to between these two ladies?

CC: Absolutely. Both women are strong, smart, clever and unwilling to back down. So yes, you are going to see a lot of fireworks, and it is like the old-fashioned soaps.

USTH: We know that soaps are notoriously secretive when it comes to upcoming storylines, but give us a little tease. What brings Carly back to Salem? Should Hope be holding on to Bo a little more tightly?

CC: Carly isnít back in Salem for Bo. She needs his help to protect someone else that [she] loves very much. They are just friends.

Source: US Town Hall
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