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Gosh I hope that pic of Nic and Chad is a confrontation, because even for her, trying to use sex to manipulate that kid would be low. All too easy to imagine, unfortunately - she is Kate Jr in that regard - but ick all the same. Ultimately not as bad as stealing a baby, of course, but he's barely legal, for gosh sakes. Ew. *reaches for brain bleach* But the fat lady is warming up, EJ is finally getting his brain back, and soon she will get her come-uppance for all her evildoing, hopefully in wonderfully over the top soapy fashion. :-)

On the up side, I like to see them using Wally, whom I love. I'm *less* thrilled that they seem determined to have him break up with Adrienne off screen. Sigh. Why oh why can't they just bring back Adrienne and let the two of them do the great stuff they do? Sigh. Ah well, I do love Wally!
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