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Daily Spoilers

Monday, October 5th
Philip runs into Chloe at the hospital and spots her engagement ring; E.J. forces Nicole to confess that she lied about Sydney; Sami applies for a job at Chez Rouge; Carly boards a plane headed for Salem; Bo confides in Justin.

Tuesday, October 6th
Daniel gives Chloe a key to his place; Philip confronts Kate about marrying Stefano; Stefano collapses, clutching his chest; E.J. guesses that Dr. Baker helped Nicole; Sami thanks Philip for helping Lucas; Carly tries to call Bo.

Wednesday, October 7th
Daniel gets Stefano stabilized; Maggie confronts Kate about putting something in Stefano's food; Chloe tells E.J. and Nicole about Stefano; Sami winds up caring for Sydney; Carly tries to call Justin; Philip confides in Victor.

Thursday, October 8th
E.J. tells Lexie about his situation with Nicole; Nicole decides to fight for her family; Sami thinks of Grace as she cares for Sydney; Brady worries about Nicole; Philip stands up to Kate for Melanie; Victor gloats to Kate.

Friday, October 9th
E.J. tells Nicole to take Sydney and leave; Nicole blames Brady for her secret being out; E.J. tells Sami about Nicole's lies; Philip tells Nathan to be good to Melanie; Stephanie confides in Maggie; Philip and Stephanie have a talk.
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