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whenever the entire truth does surface ej will ahve a hard time convincing sami he had no idea about the fake pregnancy especially since he was around sami the entire time she was pregnant with the twins even if they were not together he did keep an eye on her and i think even with his entire life falling apart in front of him, he will never convince sami that he didnt know nicole faked the pregnancy, he will also never convince sami that he didnt have anything to do with the switch.

i do feel bad for ej in this however it kind of goes with who he is and the dealings of his family so for me its just part of being a dimira ..they have terrible luck with women except for tony who had pretty good luck with anna....and he had quite a few ladies on his island to lol.

ej had said something to sami i think it was last week about how she wold feel if someone just snatched her baby from her, if she has a flash back to this sentence from ej this will be the nail in his coffin as far as her ever believing him being innocent in this whole mess...and he is innocent in this for once

why does sami help nicole in the spoilers...thats easy they are friends or are until the entire truth comes out, nicole has made it so sami will feel bad for her and probably take her and sydney into her home which not sure if nicole will ahve any dimira cash flow after this, she will need a relatively free place to live with a built in baby sitter even if that sitter is sydneys biological mother.

nicole will always blame everyone but herself for everything that happens thats nicole but not sure all this will work in her or bradys favor since he knew at least about the adoption, and he knew nicole was not really pregnant, sort of stands to reason he could ahve known about the switch except the way hes been acting proves he had no clue about that , still believing sydney is mias sort of proves that and i wonder what his reaction will be when he finds out the entire truth...sami is his sister after all.

as far as sami not wanting ej to know about any baby she had with him...his track record, kidnapping stephanie, trying to kill phillip, being a dimira...i think everyone in salem totally understands her reasons there even if hes a good father to his children, stefano lives in the house also and that on its own would be enough for me to not want to inform ej of any new additions especially now that " killer kate" is also there working on something with stefano...notice she isnt stopping him from doing himself in with his diabetes...is she really trying to kill him OR is he trying to trap her some way...remember stefano always holds all the cards....it wouldnt surprise me if hes not setting her up for a grande replay of the chloe insident to prove somethng or make certain of some fact not yet revealed...would killer kate save stefano if she had the oppertunity?

lucas...as much as i tend to believe he and sami are fated to be together i just dont see it happening now, mainly because he is always falling off the wagon for stupid stuff..ok so everyione but him knew about chloe and daniel...no brainer there he knew chloe had a rep for being a mini town slut...killer kate trying to kill her..ok no need to drink yourself into a stupor over that..disown mommy dearest and thank god she didnt have a chance to successfully kill sami or anyone else you ever dated..he has a grown kid in will watching his immature behavior..and he got custody of allie??? wonder what judge killer kate bribed for that one

id like to see rafe and sami try to be a couple but somehow i dont see that working for long and i dont know why lol i dont see her ever getting with ej again, he might care for her but she doesnt care for him and hasnt for a long time

carly and bo will be something to see with hopes stupidity she didnt do anything but drive a wedge between her and bo and with carly back in the picture she might have lost bo for a while and its all her own doing...even justin told her to go after him because she might lose him and she didnt listen. hopes entire reason for the seperation is insanely stupid..i side with bo totally on this and her being a cop she should know that paying any kidnapper doesnt guarentee the kids return alive...bo did the right thing...ciara is home and safe and very much alive she should be glad of that not punish bo for the way he made it happen

anyway thats it for me for now cant wait for everything to come out!

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