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Oct 2 2009, 11:04 AM
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Even though I'm an Ejami fan, I can see the logic in Nicole and EJ. She's got a coloured past, kidnapped a baby, let her own husband mourn for a child that isn't his, is involved in the death of Dr B (maybe), etc, etc... EJ is the only young man on that show at the moment who is as corrupt. Bring someone else onto the show and Nicole would have someone worthwhile to hook up with. Leave it as is and EJ is the only viable option. Same goes for Sami... With her past, she really shouldn't end up with a 'good guy' who has no coloured past himself, even if they ARE trying to redeem her. The only kind of good guy that would be viable would be another person who's got a bad history but has tried to redeem himself like she has...
And that may be exactly who Rafe is. If I remember right, Rafe was a bad boy as a teen and young man. He told Sami that he was a street punk, in and out of gangs all the time and was headed down the wrong road until he met up with Sr. Agnes who helped him turn his life around. He has changed his life and they have redeemed Sami. To me, it makes perfect sense for them to be together. She is no longer the person she was and he is no longer the person he was. To pair Sami with EJ, with all he has done, and it is reported he will do when he finds out about Sydney, would not work. They have pushed him too far to the dark side now. JMO.
They have not pushed EJ too far to the dark side at all. He's actually not been there for a while. He's been more his usual "gray" self, and he's been hurt and wronged by everyone he loves - Sami, Nicole and still unknown to him, his father.

IMO the thing about Rafe is that no matter what they try to do with his character he doesn't sell for a lot of people outside of NBC. He just flops as a character, and the more they keep him the more agravating he gets. I enjoyed him a bit with Nicole and the couple of funny lines he had in the Meredith scenes, but that's about it. No doubt they wrote him for Sami, but they are just not getting the desired results. People are actually enjoying the show when he's on less and away from Sami.
Who is enjoying the show more when Rafe is off and when he is away from Sami? And where was that said? That may be an opinion, but I doubt it is published fact anywhere. I am sure the ejami fans are enjoying it more b/c they want him off the show period so Sami and Ej can reunite. There are many who like Rafe and like Sami and him together. IMO he has brought a lot to the show. The writers are developing his character more and more and I think we will continue to see it develop in the future.
I think they did write him for Sami and they are getting the desired results. SAFE is a very popular couple in many published polls.
Apparently they are not getting the desired results (I did mention not to count NBC, which is mostly a Safe board, and before that it was mostly a Lumi board and Ejami fans were allowed there only on principle and suspended for mearly breathing while others were allowed (and still are) to pretty much verbally assault them). Not many here like them, and certainly not many at Sony. And as for the polls, if you are referring to SOD, before Safe, Ejami won for weeks at a time, and they didn't even share screen time together. We didn't get Ejami yet, and Safe's been on for a year now, so pretty soon we may be looking at Cafe as a new couple. I might actually enjoy that....
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