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Oct 3 2009, 08:46 AM
Oct 2 2009, 03:00 PM
I missed the majority of today's episode. I caught the first 5 minutes and the last like 15. And the ending, I was just like WTF?! Did Carly and Lawrence appear at all throughout the episode?
No, that was it. About 10 seconds and that's all. You can't just drop in a scene like that and expect people to get it. I mean yeah, we all knew CC was coming back, but someone who is spoiler-free is going to go "Who the hell are these characters?"
It actually clocked in at 18 seconds, if you count the camera pan from candles to bedroom. ITA that it was not as effective as it could have been. The extreme closeups didn't help much either. Presumably, the full argument will be played out in flashbacks.

I would have preferred some hints along the way. Samantha is in the cemetary on Monday, so it would have been fun to have her allude to Carly's burial plot as comic relief rather than a drowning poodle. Or have Roman get a text about something and muse "now there's a name I haven't thought about in awhile".

And maybe use Brady to somehow allude to his Alemain roots when he joked about the perks of being a Kiriakis (since Brady's father was raised by an Alemain). There was no need for big huge anvils, but a couple of throw-away lines in existing scenes with characters in the episode would have really made me squeal.

Missed opportunities.

And when did Michael Sabatino start getting his wigs from the Michael Jackson Collection? Yechhhh.

(edit) Oh, of course, AZ rocked as she grasped at (surprisingly reasonable-sounding) straws. Outstanding scenes that will get edited into my 25-year DOOL archive collection....
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