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I thought Friday's show was excellent!
I kept yelling at the tv "Nicole, Tell Him!!!". And even JS was good, minus that one little shaking hand thing he had going on. Nicole is so busted, and EJ is ready, and he even played a little mind trick on her with the belly, but she is holding her own with the lies, and when he yelled at her and she yelled back, YES!!! That is what I want to see in my couples...a good argument with yelling and crying and drama and passion! I love when Nicole holds her own! It's killing me that she just doesn't tell him the whole truth!

Very impressed with AZ and JS's performances, and so psyched about this reveal! Keep it cool, JS, and you will kick ass! He's looking good in his tight ass jeans though...JS's looks are in proportion to his acting, imo. :)

Carly and Lawrence at the end was WTF! Because of all the talk, I checked out Prevuze to see the ending and I wish I hadn't because that would have been awesome to have been surprised with. Came out of nowhere! Then again, I remember Lawrence and Carly. If I was a new viewer, I'd been confused a bit.

I was so enthralled with the baby reveal and EJ that I couldn't tell you what else happened on Friday. Still zoning through Rafe and Arianna. With all that is going on, I just don't want them to be a part of it. When it gets this exciting, I just want the main characters on! LOL!
Can't wait for Monday!
Excellent week, Days!
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