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I can agree Stefano was ahead of Rafe, but then Stefano is the villain and Rafe is being played as the hero. What is EJ? A piece of cheese that only engages his brain when he gets the clue blown into his ear by an errant phone call.

The spoiler which hints that for some reason Rafe does not tell Sami is very interesting to me. Is it because Stefano gets to him with a threat on Sami's life. Rafe has already lost one love to what I think will turn out to be his sisters connection to drug king pins, so he could take a threat like that seriously.

Sami, still would prefer to be told.

I have quit couple shipping, and this is not a spin to elevate Rafe, it is just what I see onscreen. If I start seeing anything that shows EJ has true feelings for Sami, and the story seems to be heading that direction, I would admit it. I just do not see it now.
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