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Oct 3 2009, 06:23 PM
I liked Rafe when they brought him on the screen...

He's got

brains, brawn, a no nonsense attitude, definite undenialable hotness, kindness, a loving heart, & he doesn't stand for any of Sami's crap; but he also can't stay mad at her. I once heard a commentor on this forum write, the reason he seems boring is because he's such the good guy. The bad boys get more interesting material. I agree. Two thumbs for Galen Gering's portrayal of Rafe.
I like good guys. I disagree about Galen's portrayal of Rafe though. I just find it dull. And I like Galen's looks too.

As far as heart, EJ's got a good heart too, and Sami knows that. His upbringing is very bad though. He was programmed to be a "Dimera soldier" and is being groomed to be Stephano's successor. And he saw right through Sami too, and didn't stand for her crap either and loved her regardless. Big difference from Rafe. And af for Rafe's qualities, if truth be told, we don't know them yet. Much of his protection of Sami was during his job placement. After that, he tried to steal what he thought was EJ's daughter from her father and left whenever Sami stood up to him. And after that, he manhandled Nicole and the nurse and held a lawyer at gunpoint for information. A hero indeed....
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