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I'm glad Rafe got the thumbs up! I think GG is doing a great job with this character and I loved the voice overs and the whole way they played him figuring out - in theory - that Sami's baby is Sydney. And I am glad SOD agree with me! :cheers:

I think it would be very insensitive and silly for Rafe to have confided his suspicions to Sami who is already devastated about Grace and adores Sydney. Rafe should NOT open his mouth until he has absolute proof that is is actually true.

We know it's true [if we believe what we have seen onscreen] but Rafe is theorizing at this point. Rafe is certain instinctively that he is right but is sensible enough to know that Sami is in a fragile state and he wouldn't want to give her any false hope...

I love though he is captive the way he smiles every time he says Sami's baby is still alive....I think that information is going to be a vital key later when everything begins to unravel. Carly will be looking after him for now to keep him away from Sami because he's going to spill the beans as soon as he reconnects with her. I think Dr Baker will come back to re-inforce the truth too - or throw in another twist if he did a reverse switcheroo because she feared the Dimera's? - that finger was twitching for a reason.
Galen is knockin' it outta the park with this Rafe character. What makes it sweeter is he has to do even better than most just b/c some aren't willing to give him the praise he deserves and already had their minds made up on it before he ever even got to Salem....LOL Galen's character is an asset to Days and it sales. I know I'd buy! :$ Let's just face it we know it , the writers know itAnd and hell even SOD knows it.
And Lord knows if SOD says it - it MUST be so! :roflol: :roflol: :roflol:

And the idea that GG's 'doing it even better than most' is another :roflol: :roflol:

I disagree that he should have gone around poking in to details of the life of a woman he had broken up with. Had he gone to Sami and simply said he had some concerns about the way things happened with Grace and he'd like to look into them further that would have been one thing. But he didn't. As per usual with him, he was secretive and closed off. Had he included her...you know, like people do with a partner, Sami could potentially be reunited with her daughter right now. But he didn't. So she's no closer to having Sydney in her arms...and he's still as ineffective as he's always been.
I don't think the character is great. I don't think GG is great or even good. But I also don't think he should have told Sami. He is secretive, and that's a problem with him and SAFE. But as far as this goes, you can't tell a woman who has just lost a baby that you think just maybe her baby was switched and is still alive, but you're not sure, you'll get back to her on that one. I don't know what people and SOD see in GG or Rafe, but I guess since I don't like any characters any more, I'm not a good judge.
But that's just it. Rafe had no suspicion that Sami's baby was still alive and had been switched at birth until almost the moment he figured it all out. His investigation was focused on trying to prove that Nicole had done something to Grace when she was born that resulted in her dying of the illness later on - and he continued working on that suspicion despite being told by the nurse that worked at the clinic that it wasn't possible. And it's not as if Sami hadn't expressed similar concerns about proving that something happened to Grace that could have been prevented - in fact they were both investigating separately from one another when they ran into each other and stumbled over poor old dead Doc Baker. So it's not as though Sami was some fragile flower that could not have tolerated the very idea that something could have been amiss - she already thought that might be the case. But instead of including her and working together as partners, he went right ahead and bumbled and fumbled until he basically tripped over the truth...and what a fat lot of good all that sleuthing is doing Sami right now. :shame:

Heroes solve problems. Rafe just seems to be one. :blink:
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