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We know there are non-ejami fans that don't like GG. So what? Nadia B, Shawn C all have haters too because of Danloe etc. The show has a big cast and I don't enjoy all the characters all the time.

I know for a fact that Rafe is hated by many ejami's because Rafe is loved by Sami! They know as long as he is on the show and Sami is talking about how much she loves him and misses him every eppy ejami is doomed!

There was anti Rafe post before we knew who was going to play the love interest they were writing for Sami. 'It's unnecessay, she should be with one of the fathers of her children' were the outcries then. The when Rafe came he was a pedophile [that's why he wanted to adopt Grace], Arianna wasn't really his sister she was his lover, he was Roman's son, he was going to have an affair with Hope, he was creepy and a mass murderer - i mean the junk that was posted by desperate 'viewers' despearately hoping against hope that this new love interest for Sami was going to be her worst nightmare! O she doesn't need another one of those...Sami did nothing but bad mouth EJ to Rafe throughought all the safehouse scenes.

In contrast she hasn't said anything nasty about Rafe since their break up -- because it is obviously temporary and they will be back with wedding bells on in no time! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: EJ may decide he wants Sami back when Nicole [AZ] character goes on mat leave but it will be just that EJ wants it - Sami will be wanting a full speed ahead with Rafe. IMO :makeout:

Great thumbs up for Rafe who is being portrayed by Galen Gering. :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:
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