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Oct 4 2009, 07:46 AM
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Oct 3 2009, 05:24 AM

Twenty years ago, DOOL introduced a latino family. April Ramirez romanced Dr Mike Horton, snarked at Eve Donovan, and guzzled alcohol. Emilio Ramirez bounced between Jennifer Horton and Melissa Anderson (Horton), wore slinky tanktops, and dove to his death from a barnloft (?). Julio Ramirez wooed Carrie Brady as part of the Teen Set 1989. Mama Rosa Ramirez had her life support unplugged and all three were gone from Salem within three years.

Let history repeat itself.
Go back further, some 30 years ago a cop named Roman Brady came along to protect Marlena Evans.....then his family followed and Days was changed forever. Samething this time only the family is Latino.
I too remember when they first introduced Roman Brady (now I am showing my age), then along came the rest of the family and the Brady fish market before it was a pub. The same is happening now with Rafe and his siblings... time for some fresh faces :applause:
So true. Being a long-time DAYS fan, I have to admit I remember them all!!!
The show cannot just continue to have the Dimeras and Kyriakis families.
Let's face it-- the show needs new blood. The Horton family is almost extinct-- Tom is gone and Alice is not coming back; Jennifer is gone; Mickey is gone; Julie and Doug are hardly ever on. Maggie and Lucas are the only ones really left and Maggie is only a Horton by marriage, and now Lucas is in rehab and not even on the canvass right now.
The Brady family is in the same position-- Shawn is gone, Caroline is hardly ever on; Kayla and Kim are gone; Max left; Roman has sporadic roles. So, we have Sami and Bo and Stephanie left. That leaves Sami as the head woman of the Brady clan.

It will be exciting to have a new "good" family on the show. I can see a Hernandez/Brady bonding to go up against the Dimera/Kryiakis families. It would be nice to have some of the family events back and see some good family values sometimes instead of just constant blackmailing, killing, and deception.
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