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Oct 3 2009, 11:34 PM
Oct 3 2009, 10:28 PM
I think JS said that EJ could forgive Nicole because he loves her is just James Scott's wishful thinking. He just likes acting against Ari more than Alison, but it just doesn't make sense.
It absolutely amazes me how people can take an abbreviated comment from an article about what is showing currently on screen and leap to the conclusion it's what the actor wants/prefers and it's because he likes one screen partner better than another. Where in the world does that even come from? Has JS EVER been quoted as stating a preference? Is so, I'd love to see it.

The line was in response to the question "Could" EJ forgive Nicole and his answer, if you read the entire article, was clearly referring to specifically what EJ knows at this point in the story. He goes on to say that what Nicole did (faking the pregnancy and 'adopting' a baby to pass off as their own) was not done with malice, but was indeed a very, very poor choice. But the worst of her crimes he is unaware of - he has no idea she has stolen Sami (and EJ's) baby, no clue that she stood silently next to him watching him grieve for a child she knew wasn't his, nor that she is now willing to allow him to believe this daughter he has come to adore isn't truly his - when that's not the truth at all. The full article ends with saying something like he will be singing a different tune when the rest of the truth comes out.
I did read that article, but it was a few months ago, and I honestly cannot remember where it was. When JS was talking about that, he was talking about characters, tho, not actresses. I remember that one of things he brought out was that he and Ari looked better together b/c of the fact that Ari is taller than Ali; he also brought out the fact that he could be himself more with Nicole than he could with Sami b/c Sami is not willing to accept the dark side of him and Nicole is.

And I do agree, EJ is willing to forgive Nicole now, b/c he doesn't know the extent of what she has really done. Right now she can plead her case of being the loving wife and only wanting what she thought he wanted. When he finds out the entire truth, tho, I doubt that forgiveness will continue.
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