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Oct 4 2009, 12:00 PM
i have to say, i'm very confused as to why nicole doesn't call ej's bluff and demand he do a paternity test on the baby, thus proving she belongs to ej. if push comes to shove and ej demands a meternity test for some reason, surely nicole could manage to procure some of sami's dna.
i guess i just don't get why she just doesn't either a) tell him the baby is his and sami's or b) insist the baby is his and prove that she is via dna tests. i guess i just think ej would be more forgiving if she told him the whole story--of how she overheard sami saying that her baby was a mistake, and that she planned on leaving her in a convent until she got her story straight. not that excuses what nicole did, but i could see ej understanding why she did what she did, consdering what he himself has done in the past to get what he wants. in short, telling ej the truth could really only help her. letting him think that she duped him into taking on a child that isn't his just makes her look worse.

the only way i can make any sense of this is the idea that perhaps nicole has come to love sydney more than she loves ej, and is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that she gets to keep her. i'm sure the ejami fans will make the argument that nicole is doing all this out of spite for sami, but that doesn't make sense based on how their friendship has been written lately.
I agree - if Nicole were to tell EJ the truth NOW she would stand a much better chance of having him forgive her for all of it. The fact that she isn't is what convinces me all the more that this is ultimately the EJami story.

I don't think Nicole did what she did necessarily to spite Sami - I think that was part of it at first, but I think Grace's death and watching Sami suffer through that did have a strong impact on Nicole. Not strong enough to step up immediately and do the right thing in regard to reuniting her with her daughter...but enough that she felt sympathetic and even some guilt.

But in the end, whether she loves EJ and/or Sydney it seems that Nicole is willing to risk having them both suffer - EJ thinking he's lost another two children (the one she miscarried as well as the one he believed (rightfully) was his daughter, but now thinks is not) and Sydney being forced from their home and potentially embroiled in a custody battle with a teenager who mistakenly believes he is her father.

Nicole has dug her hole so deep and so far she doesn't see any other option than to just keep digging - no matter what it does to the people she supposedly loves. Were it not for Ari's brilliant performances it would be difficult to have any sympathy at all for her but Ari has made the character so compelling that it's hard not to feel bad for her, even as she continues down the same destructive path.
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