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Oct 4 2009, 07:52 PM
Oct 2 2009, 07:53 PM
SOD gives Rafe a thumbs up!

Soap Opera Digest, October 6th2009
Thumbs Up!

It Figures

For years, it seemed the men in Salem were blessed with looks, but not brains. Enter Rafe, who appears to have both in spades.

The former FBI agent knew there was a connection between Nicole and Grace ever since the baby died and Nicole seemed as devastated as Sami. In the past, a DAYS hero would have shrugged and looked the other way. But Rafe doggedly pursued what he hoped were leads--the fidgety nurse at the clinic, shady Dr. Baker, Nicole's random friendship with Sami and tete-a-tetes with Brady--and they ultimately led him to figuring out the whole insidious baby switch.

Sure, he may have been knocked out and trapped by Meredith before he could share the news with Sami (this is a soap, after all), but it's enough that he actually figured it all out. At last.
Let's try and get this thread back to topic. :laugh: 'Rafe has looks and brains in spades' and SOD knows it! I'm glad for the good guys - bad boys can be fun to watch but Rafe has made 'good' guys interesting too! Thank you SOD for saying what many of us already know! :applause: :applause: :applause:

I think that rafe will be connecting with Sami in to deliver some great news at a crucial time linked to the reveal of this I have no doubt! Meredith kidnapping him and then Carly nursing him has simply delayed the inevitable so that EJ, Sami, Chad, Will can catch up with some of the missing info - but I think Rafe will re-enter Sami's life in time to be the one to confirm if not reveal to Sami that her baby is Sydney! :wub:
I think you are exactly right! That is one of the reasons why they are dragging out his return so long. Certain things have to fall into place before they can do the reveal. Those things have to come out first before Rafe can tell Sami the truth about her daughter, and from what I have read, he will be the one to tell her.
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