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Viewing Single Post From: SOD gives Rafe the thumbs up!

Oct 3 2009, 01:49 AM
Maybe tptb have supposedly written the character to figure things out, but the character is so stinking boring that I really don't care that he's figured it all out..........it pains me to watch him and listen to him in his monotone voice as he figures everything out. It's like watching paint dry.
I can sympathise with your boredom even though I dont share it where "Rafe" is concerned, He is interesting and I lov him and Sami together, but I do think he needs to be worked with other cast members more..
I was bored to tears with the entire Santo/Colleen story.. Yawned through every rediculous scene that EJ and Sami shared because it was just too rediculous.. The Sami I grew up knowing would never forgive him, or care for him in any way.. That the writers even *Hinted* at it was beyond belief.. Also EJ became this strange Man I didnt even know considering his History, so Both characters were the exact opposites of who they were known for. He was some sweater wearing preppy that lacked any backbone or hint of a personality other then Sami's lapdog. Im just glad they finally moved away from that direction,I appreciate EJ the Villian, thats what he is and does best. And no bad guy on Days is 100% bad they each have a soft spot, even Stephano and Victor, but they are what they are and thats how I like it. .. Yup .. Although we find different things boring.. I understand.
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