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Oct 4 2009, 08:19 PM
Oct 4 2009, 07:20 PM
Oct 4 2009, 03:09 PM
I have to say, this past week has been some of the best Days I've seen in awhile. Loved Nicole getting busted. AZ and JS really knocked it out of the park. Very little overacting, which I really liked. Loved seeing Carly and Lawerence at the end. Carly looked cold!! What was with MS's hair?? I remember thinking he was so HOT back in the day!! I've always had a thing for the bad boys!!

Could've done without Rafe and Meredith, it was like the show was on a roll in every other scene, then they panned to them and it just fell flat. The only negative about Friday's show was them. I really don't care what she's doing with Rafe, he's not a major player in this story, and I don't know why tptb keep focusing on him. Guess it's Tomlin and his fetish with the Passions folk. Personally, It think this story should focus on EJ, Sami, Nicole, Stefano, and to some extent Brady they are the players in this story.

Overall, great week Days!!
Rafe is a major player in this s/l. He is the only one who has figured out what really happened and has been suspicious of Nicole from the get go when no one else was. That is why Stefano and Nicole wanted to get him out of the picture. Besides the fact is that he is in love with Sami and is willing to do anything for her. He has been there for Sami since the beginning so how could he not be a major player?
Rafe was no where around in the beginning - when Sami found out she was pregnant, etc. This story has always been about Sami, EJ and Nicole with Mia and later Stefano becoming supporting players. Rafe figuring things out was a red herring for the audience - to build anticipation that Sami was finally going to learn the truth...but then didn't. Then poof! He's out of the story.
Wasn't Rafe the one who protected Sami and her daughter? Wasn't he the one that risked his life not once, but twice to make sure she and her baby were protected and safe? Maybe he wasn't there when she got pregnant, but he was there from the end of October on when she needed support and protection. It wasn't only his job, he said it himself, he cared about her and loved her. She fell in love with him, too. Rafe may be out of the story for a week or two, but he is certainly not out of the story permanently. Do you honestly think that they had Rafe figure things out and then poof-- he won't be around anymore? Don't think so.
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