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Oct 4 2009, 02:24 PM
Okay, here's my take on things, not that anyone cares, but I'm giving it to you anyway. ;) Yes, I'm an EJAMI, I make NO apologies for it nor any excuses. I don't need any. It's a freaking television show and I'll like who I want to like, regardless of what ANYONE else thinks. I don't care if EJ, to many, is the worst guy on the planet, I'll take his character anyday of that of the boring Rafe.

That's what it all boils down to with me, I really don't care what EJ has done or hasn't done, he is a much more interesting character than Rafe. And to add to that, JS can act circles around GG. Even on a bad day. AND I do think that JS has had some "bad" acting days of late, I do think he has gone over the top in some of his "angry" scenes. But, GG is flat in ALL his scenes, he's monotone and comes off as he's just reading his lines. Sorry, I'm sure GG is a swell fellow, but his acting is lacking. I'm just calling it as I see it. I'm sure others feel differently, but that's the great thing about this message board, we can all have different opinions and it's okay to voice them. You know the old saying, "opinions are like............" you know what I'm saying! ;)

Maybe we just need to agree to disagree, some are going to like Rafe, while others of us are not. I will say, the ones who don't like Rafe aren't just EJAMI's.....it's pretty much people from all different fanbases and those from no particular fanbase and the sentiment is the same, we find him boring and the acting skills lacking.

On the other point that seems to be brought up constantly thru this thread, I don't think any of us truly know where this story is going. I think we all have our opinions of where we WANT it to go, but that doesn't necessarily equate to that being the way the storyline is going. IN MY OPINION not going with a Dimera and a Brady is foolish, but hey, these writers have done MANY things that I would constitue as foolish, so I'm not going to say that I KNOW it's going that way.

But, I will say, it doesn't really matter about the list of crimes you can name for ANY character on this soap, they all can be redeemed with the stroke of a pen. EJ, Nicole, Sami, Lucas, Kate, any of them, so we can list their crimes all day long and tptb can decide that they want to pair them with the saint of the show,say, Maggie and they will make it happen. That's what's so great about a tv show, nothing is in concrete, nothing is punishable, anybody can get away with what the writers want them to get away with. I like that, I don't want Kate to have to be written out to go to prison because she tried to poison Chloe, or Stefano to be written out for any one of his many crimes, or Sami, EJ, or Nicole for any of their many crimes. I choose to remember it's a soap and EVERYTHING is exagerated on a soap, EVERYTHING. I mean seriously, have you really paid attention to them?? It's ALL over the top, and that's what makes a soap a soap. At least the storylines right now are pretty interesting, so I'm happy about that. I'm just going to sit back and watch how it all plays out.
:applause: Bravo.. While I dont share your love of Ejami I agree we all need to agree to disagree. I just dont see the need to Insult the actor, and discount the couples appeal to the fans.

I also agree its not just Ejami's who dont care for Rafe, Just as there were many of us (Myself included) who were NOT Lumi's but didnt care for EJ with Sami, Yet we were always accused of being Lumi's if we didnt drool over the man.. Now I am a fan of JS and EJ .. As long as he is not paired with Sami..She makes HIM boring, and I like him evil and very much a Dimera. And for me they make no sense together.

And I agree that none of us can see the future we can only hope..
I see logically the only way Sami end up with EJ is to yet again sacrifice herself and her happiness for a loved one (Even Rafe) Or her somehow not being herself mentally. Aside from that its pretty clear.. She has made no apologies or waivered in her Love for Rafe.
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