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Oct 4 2009, 07:48 PM
seriously. what exactly did rafe ever go find out? nothing. he called in about fifteen hundred favors to old friends at the FBI, and they did much of the work for him. the few times rafe actually physically went somewhere to track down clues, he broke every law in the book getting the info he wanted and thought was important. how that is any different from stefano hiring a goon to follow nicole is beyond me. i guess stefano just works smart, not hard.

anyhow, as you said, tony was the first person to be suspicious of nicole and put the pieces together. stefano followed shortly thereafter. rafe was third.

to get back on topic, whoever wrote this article obviously doesn't follow days of our lives much at all. rafe was introduced to us as a bodyguard that falls for a woman that's eight months pregnant, and spends most of their time together either putting his life in danger over a selfish whim, or whining and crying. not only does he fall in love with her, he quits the job he loves, and breaks about five thousand laws that he has sworn to uphold to help her lie about the paternity of her child, because she chose to sleep with a criminal.

so rafe has brains in spades? that statement is laughable at best. plus you have to consider that it wasn't rafe's smarts that led him to the truth about nicole--it was the fact that he followed her and spied in on her conversation with brady. any moron can do that. as we saw, when rafe's brains were all he had to go on, he spent much of his time convinced that nicole managed to infect grace with meningitis--a magical strain that incubates for months before it kills. so i take serious exception to the idea that rafe is at all intelligent.
Umm well calling in favors and following leads is HOW you get to the truth. Obviously Rafe Cant do and does not have the equipment to do everything himself.. As I recall John , Roman, Shane, Bo, Steve .. They have all had others including the ISA (Even when they didnt work for them)to help solve cases..They also broke many many laws and didnt follow the book Bo especially. So I see that as simply being a smart FBI, or *Ex* FBI agent. Using the tools you have access to.

Now the Bolded part, you might want to rethink that or follow your own advice. Sami was FAR from 8 months pregnant, I believe she was supposed to be around 4-5 months along which is why it was not supposed to be overly obvious. This gave them plenty of time to bond and become friends and even fall in love , (Though Im glad the romantic feelings were not revealed or realized until after the child was born.)
As for him thinking Nicole somehow harmed Grace this made the most sense as he had no way of knowing Nicole was near when Grace was born and could not fathom that Grace was not infact Sami's. Its only when all the pieces fell into place. Also this is a SOAP nothing is more far fethched then the paralyzed walking again, or getting shot in the heart and walking around within a week. or being in a Coma and released from the Hospital the next day, or being on "Life support" without a "Ventilator" .. Its all far fetched....
So dont hold Rafe to a different standard then everyone else in Salem just because you dont like him ..
Your *Prejudice is showing* and it takes away from any point you might be trying to make.
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