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Oct 2 2009, 03:38 PM
Oct 2 2009, 03:13 PM
Then Carly's return was just as I expected: a complete WTF?! No build up. Nothing. Bo wasn't even on the episode.
I think that was the point...put her on at the end of a Friday episode, have her stab someone and then end the show with her....leaving viewers wondering WHAT THE FUCK, giving them more reason to tune in on Monday and find out what the fuck happened OR who this chick is.

Monday's episode is a much better episode as far as Carly is concerned.

IMO it was a GREAT way to bring her back.
I agree.

This makes an impact right off the bat. It brings attention to the character and that is important. Carly has been gone for 16 years. There are going to be many in Days' current audience who have no idea who she is. The show never mentioned her or any of the Alamain's over the years. The mistake Days made with Steve and Kayla and other returns is that they brought them back in ways that didn't grab the audience. For example, JER bringing back Hope during the Maison Blanche story was a stroke of genius. It was a fantastic umbrella story and Hope interacted with many current characters. There was an impact right away and new fans were drawn in. That never happened with any of the big returns since then. They didn't sell them to fans who didn't know them. This will. People will wonder WTF happened and why this woman stabbed her husband. It makes people invest from day one and when it's revealed she used to be involved with Bo, Justin, etc. it will only add to a new fans interest. It's perfect! Days is doing it right. You have Carly make an impact and then you involve her with more characters besides who she used to interact with. That is the way to go.

I even think it works for fans who do know them. It grabs attention and that is what you want as opposed to a normal re-introduction that drags on at the start.

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