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Oct 4 2009, 02:56 AM
Oct 3 2009, 09:20 AM
Oct 3 2009, 05:24 AM

Twenty years ago, DOOL introduced a latino family. April Ramirez romanced Dr Mike Horton, snarked at Eve Donovan, and guzzled alcohol. Emilio Ramirez bounced between Jennifer Horton and Melissa Anderson (Horton), wore slinky tanktops, and dove to his death from a barnloft (?). Julio Ramirez wooed Carrie Brady as part of the Teen Set 1989. Mama Rosa Ramirez had her life support unplugged and all three were gone from Salem within three years.

Let history repeat itself.
I don't think I can take 1 year of this boring family, let alone 3 years. Luckily for Days they will have Carly/Vivian on the screen so I'll watch and ff the Hernandez family who have nothing to do with Salem.
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Every successful or atleast longterm writer of DAYS introduced atleast one new family, itīs a way how to keep the show fresh and the dna pool viable. New family usually means new stories, new mysteries and a lot of skeletons in the closet which the writers can slowly reveal. Brady family was once new in the town too. The same Johnsons, Deverauxs, Ramirezes, Scofields, Alamains, Reeds, Blakes, Walkers, Lockharts. This is the standart way the show operates so saying the Hernandezes are some eviction from the rules and donīt have any place on the show is not true.

Yep. I just love how so many forget that the Brady's, Johnson's, Reeds, etc all were new families too once upon a time. Days survived too long on the same characters and families. Sure, you can't get rid of all the core families but new blood is needed once and awhile or all you will keep getting is incest LOL. The show could also use more diversity so I'm all for this. The teen story could use a bitch and Kinsey sucked so hopefully this means the end of her. This is so much better because at least the character will have ties to the canvas. I would've loved Joy Wesley to come on but I can't see Nancy and Craig letting her go to Salem to live with Chloe on her own and the show is no way bringing Nancy and Craig back so there goes that.

I also doubt a Passions actress will play the character. Once again, the Passions shit is blown out of proportion. GH is constantly hiring old Days stars. ATWT is hiring GH and PC stars all over the place but Days gets torn to shreds for hiring three Passions actors in one year with one hiring that took place because an actress that wasn't bringing all she could to the role was fired and one of the best young former soap actresses was brought on to replace her. Yeah...ok. :laugh:
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