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This is so not needed.

First off, Peck's Austin is such a dud. Regardless, I think the character is just a waste. I can see bringing Carrie back and killing Austin. That I can get behind because I feel like there is so much to explore with Carrie. She's been held back by Austin too long and she's never really had any story outside of a quad or triangle involving Sami, Lucas, Austin, and Mile since 1993. There is alot that can be done...WITH HER.

Austin and Carrie together is just an albatross. You can't break them up again because it won't work. Carrie's already been destroyed by way of adultery twice. We've done the quad with Sami and Lucas twice. I can't see much story for them as a couple so the show either has to break them up AGAIN or kill one off and bring the other back.

I agree that bringing back Belle and Shawn makes ALOT more sense. It gives Sami a sister to talk to. It gives Bo and Hope a grown up kid on the canvas. They are not past the point of triangles yet. I say bring Martha back and cast Greg Vaughn as Shawn and go with that. Don't waste your time on Peck. Ugh.
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