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Good show today except for the Daniel and Chloe scenes, which really annoyed me. I don't understand how Chloe has managed to end up the victim in this situation, since she's the one who had the affair while engaged to Lucas and then married him knowing she was in love with another man. Where does Daniel get off talking about Lucas's immaturity? What about his own sleaziness? I never thought I'd see the day when I was sticking up for Lucas, but he's getting a raw deal here.

Sami looks beautiful in that shade of blue. Much better than the pink they've been dressing her in all the time. Pink clothes, pink makeup, pink lighting, enough with the pink! I like that she's finally out there looking for a job and ready to take care of herself, which is where she was headed when Alison's real-life pregnancy derailed that storyline.

EJ and Nicole--I'm loving this! And the thing is, while I understand EJ's anger and he has every right to be furious, I still am sympathetic towards Nicole, which I believe is a testament to Ari Zucker's amazing work throughout this storyline. I hate that Nicole lied to him and took away EJ's opportunity to grieve his child, I'm furious with her that she's allowing him to believe both of his children are dead....and yet there's a part of me that wants EJ and Nicole to somehow kiss and make up and live happily ever after with little Sydney.

Like someone else mentioned in their post, I'm confused about Kate's actions right now. Part of the time I'm convinced she's trying to kill Stefano by sabotaging his diet--no way was that tiramisu a memory lapse on her part! But then she's sitting in Chez Rouge chiding him about his food choices like she's an adoring wife....right before she offers him a fat-laden sauce and dumps a salt shaker all over his plate. And please, could we get Lauren Koslow a new hair stylist? And maybe a new wardrobe? Because she's looking like a mess lately.

I'm actually enjoying Bo's fury over Hope disappearing with Ciara. I've been furious with Hope many times over the last few years; it's about time Bo reaches the end of his rope. No matter whether she's being written in character or not, the fact is Hope's been written as a bitch and I'm tired of her attitude. I'm sure it's just a coincidence that all this is happening just as Carly is returning. :wink:
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