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Oct 5 2009, 07:42 PM
they're going too far throwing hope under the bus to set up carly and bo. having her move out was one thing, but now she isn't taking bo's calls or allowing him to speak to his daughter? that doesn't seem like her, even considering how bitchy she's been the past few years.

what was the point of the sami scenes apart from giving maggie an opportunity to snark at kate? the confrontation with chloe and kate tomorrow actually looks good, tho. i did like the convo between maggie and sami about her 'death row' gap in employment.
another question-- why the obsession lately with stefano and kate and food? at first i thought they were hinting around at her trying to poison him, then later she's super-concerned with his diet, then she's dumping salt all over his food. i wish we could get an aside from kate just so we know what's going on her head.

i'm sort of annoyed that chloe gets out of her marraige with an anullment, all while daniel pampers her and insists that none of this is her fault. give me a break. this situation is one hundred percent her fault. she knew she loved daniel when she married lucas, and no promise to god makes that alright. as someone else has brought up, i doubt it was god's plan for lucas to be married to a woman that married him out of a sense of obligation.

ari and james were excellent today, as usual. james plays that controlled rage SO much better than whatever he was trying to pull off during grace's death. seriously, it's like watching a totally different actor. thank god.

luv - kick ass post! Covered everything.

Sami's story was filler, but with her hair pulled all professional, and the grey blazer with blouse underneath, all I thought of was Marlena. They are seriously turning Sami into Marlena which just cracks me up! What happened to Sami? Is this supposed to be growth or just assassination of character? She reminds me of Carrie a bit.

Ugh...I thought there was nothing worse than Hope in self righteous, bitch cop mode. Wrong. Hope in scorned wife mode needs to be brought down a few notches. Who is this woman?

JS and AZ - just kicking so much ass together! I am just mesmerized when they are on and what will happen! JS is just shining, and I must admit that I doubted how he would perform, but he is keeping it controlled opposite AZ. Their story and how they are handling it is just so awesome!

Can't wait to see Lawrence in flashback scenes because in his death scene, he looked a bit dumpy. I remember him being very suave and put together...not long hair and pudgy. Am I thinking of someone else?
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