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Vivian for some reason hated Carly when she was with Lawrence all those years ago in paris.I swear they played it like Vivian was jealous of Lawrences realtionship with Carly.They played up the Lawrence/Vivian realtionship in an insteous way.Anyways Vivian told Carly that Lawrence was just after her money and who he really was.This caused Carly to dump up.Anyways sometime after this Carly ended up pregnant.She went to Vivian for help and Vivian manipulated Carly and made her think she was her friend.When Carly went into labor.Vivian paid the doctor to tell Carly that her baby died at birth.However Vivian stole him for herself.The truth didn't come out until they was in Salem when Vivians adopted son Nicholas was really Carly and Lawrences son.This is when Carly started to hate Vivian and Vivian tried to turn Nicholas aganist Carly but after awhile it didn't work.Then Vivian was afraid of losing Nicholas to Carly and thats where the buried alive plot comes in.I wonder if Lawrence and Vivian ever made up offscreen because from what I remeber Lawrence hated Vivian when he left town.
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