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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

As I've said in the past, it is ONLY Ari's great acting that is giving Nicole the least bit of sympathy because watching her stand there and continue to lie...and lie...and lie... It's just maddening. EJ's anger is extremely justified - and he speaks the truth. She didn't do all of this for him. In fact, when she first told him she was pregnant he was hardly thrilled about it - which infuriated her. It's not as if the man did not already have a child. It was Nicole's need to have a baby, and let's face it - to have the life she felt she had earned living in the mansion, etc. So to watch the big ole crocodile tears fall as she begs him to understand that she's 'sacrificed' everything for him would be almost funny if Ari weren't so damned good. Major, major kudos to her.

Sami has been so refreshing the past couple of episodes. I'm really enjoying watching her hunt for a job, determined to get her life on track and become independant in her own right. Hallelujah! She looks gorgeous, too - that light blue and gray color combination really works for her. I loved Maggie and Sami together - but then, I love Maggie anytime we see her.

I actually felt bad for Will when he talked with Mia - but I thought it was a good choice to not have him rage or be overly emotional. It worked for me. I just wish Taylor S could find some consistency. She was so good last week when Chad confronted her about the baby - and now she's back to just seeming to feel awkward. <sigh>

And as for what will ultimately happen with EJ, I think the fact that Stefano is involved indicates this story will force EJ to take a hard look at his life and face the fact that he reverted back to being the man he was trying not to be a year or so ago. Sami was exactly right about that - but he didn't want to hear it or accept it. I think rather than EJ becoming completely evil we'll see him take steps to break ties with his father and the DiMera legacy and work to become the kind of man his children and the woman he loves can be proud of. But at the same time, I think he'll be faced with doing whatever it takes to protect his family from Stefano who will not be at all happy with the new and improved Elvis.
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