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dooldooldool - it could also go both ways...
Nicole was being emotionally and psychologically abusive to EJ. Physical isn't the only way you can abuse someone.
But that is neither here nor there in the soap world. I don't condone any abuse, but with these two characters, they both seem like they can dish it and take it.

What makes this story great is that you have two people who have a warped view of love, who are trying to love each other in the only way they know how. And they are fighting in the most awesome way.
The way EJ threw the "you went to Brady instead of me" line to which Nicole responded with the "you weren't there, you were in Europe" which was followed with "so this is my fault"....just awesome, passionate arguing recalling the past each bringing the others insecurities and hangups into the mix.

I am very pleased with the way the writers have set this whole thing up, with EJ mentioning recently that he initially married Nicole because of the baby which is why she did all of this. Almost like a justification, and by having people actually sympathize for the "bad guy" in this scenario is just kudos to the writers and to the actors.

One of the best stories in a long time...which is pretty odd since I initially hated it. Talk about some couple drama and angsty history for EJ and Nicole!
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