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Oct 6 2009, 09:51 AM
And as for what will ultimately happen with EJ, I think the fact that Stefano is involved indicates this story will force EJ to take a hard look at his life and face the fact that he reverted back to being the man he was trying not to be a year or so ago. Sami was exactly right about that - but he didn't want to hear it or accept it. I think rather than EJ becoming completely evil we'll see him take steps to break ties with his father and the DiMera legacy and work to become the kind of man his children and the woman he loves can be proud of. But at the same time, I think he'll be faced with doing whatever it takes to protect his family from Stefano who will not be at all happy with the new and improved Elvis.

This might have a sliver of merit if Kate wasn't in the mix. I think she is the last person EJ wants running the Dimera enterprise, so he might stick around to protect the legacy/money from her. Also, I have yet to see EJ be pissed at his dear old daddy for very long, and the fact that he knows Stefano would do anything for his children, including keeping a child from a woman who denied his son his OWN child (until after she died of course), would lead me to believe it won't be a long break from Stefano...especially with his fragile health.

It's all up to the writers though who are doing a really excellent job showcasing the talents of the actors. I actually might have a little faith that this will turn out pretty good!

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