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This is... weird. Maybe Missy is getting bored being the doting housewife?

I donīt think it will happen anytime soon (the show doesnīt even know if there is a future for it past September 2010), but I hope someone from DAYS read the interview and made a note because this sounds almost like a clear message for them. Besides, both Langan and JER are gone and looking at the credits a lot of current associate writers are connected to the early 90īs era of DAYS.

I see a definite possibility. Corday always loved Missy. And Hope needs some friend in her age group. On the other side, Iīm not sure if there is a place for another supercouple. No way they can return Jennifer without Jack, especially when MA is available and free to return. They didnīt have any idea what to do with Steve/Kayla and Bo/Hope (till CC became available) so why make the same mistake with J/J? To get another bump and vision story?
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