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Please link to DR.

This week's SOD features a short interview with Crystal Chappell.

Carly's plane has to make an emergency landing, and then her friend Omar takes her away on his boat. Chappell explains that Omar is "an old friend" of Carly's, and Carly asks him to sail her to Salem. While Carly is on the boat, she remembers what led to Lawrence's murder. Chappell says that Carly and Lawrence had a big argument, and Carly tried to leave but Lawrence wouldn't let her. "So, she was trying to get out from under his control."

Carly and Omar's boat passes Rafe's body floating in the water. Chappell explains that Omar says that they shouldn't take Rafe on the boat, since Omar "knows who this guy is, and people are trying to come after Carly", but Carly tells Omar that they must help him. They pull Rafe out of the water, and he is hypothermic and has cuts on his head.

However, Rafe regains consciousness when someone on the boat threatens Carly's life. Chappell says, "After what she did to Lawrence, there are people all over the place trying to get to her." The man on the boat points a gun at her and tries to kill her, but Rafe jumps up and knocks the gun out of the man's hand. Then, Rafe collapses again...

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