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This week's SOD features an interview with Casey Deidrick (Chad).

Chad overhears Mia and Nicole discussing the baby that Nicole adopted, and he figures out that it was his daughter with Mia. (He is unaware that the babies were switched.) Chad confronts Mia, and she admits it's true.

Chad is very angry and goes to the DiMera mansion to try to get his baby. EJ answers the door, and at first, as Deidrick explains, "[EJ] is like, 'Excuse me? What are you talking about, kid?'" But then Chad tells EJ everything, and EJ puts things together for himself.

EJ calls Nicole and asks her to come home. She's very happy, because she thinks EJ wants to get back together with her. However, her happiness ends when she sees Chad at the house. Nicole confesses that she didn't adopt Sydney legally. Meanwhile, Chad keeps asking to keep Sydney. But as Deidrick says, "Anyone can come off the street and say, 'This is my daughter' without any proof, so Chad can't take her."

EJ tells Chad to leave, and Chad goes to see Mia. Chad tells Mia he met Sydney, and then as SOD says, he "unloads on her, calling her names and telling her he hates her." Deidrick explains that Chad is angry because he realizes that Mia's been lying to him all along, and he is completely determined at this point to get his baby back, no matter what Mia says or does.

SOW:Nicole vs. Chad

Another shocker threatens to blow apart Nicole's baby switch scam, when Chad learns that Nicole and EJ adopted "his" daughter.

"It's Nicole's worst nightmare, having Mia's boyfriend found out about Sydney," insists AZ. "Here's this bratty teenager with this huge ego, and Nicole has to figure out how to handle him."

Chad uncovers the "truth" when Nicole visits Mia and tells her that the secret is out; EJ knows Sydney isn't his child. Mia freaks, but Nicole insists that the situation is under control. "Nicole is delusional. She thinks she's getting back together with EJ," admits Zucker. Nicole wants Mia to stay calm, because she could start to panic and tell people what's going on.

Nicole doesn't know that Chad overhears their conversation. After Nicole leaves, Chad questions Mia and quickly realizes "his" daughter was adopted by Nicole. He heads to the DiMera mansion. He finds EJ and announces that he is Sydney's father. EJ calls Nicole and summons her home.

Nicole returns to the mansion with Sydney and is expecting a happy reconciliation. Then she sees Chad and realizes this is not a good situation. Of course, Nicole tries to cover and asks why a teenager is in their house. "He asks to hold Sydney, and Nicole is like, 'No, you're a complete stranger.' EJ doesn't let Chad touch the baby. He's trying to put everything in perspective."

EJ tells Chad to leave because has no proof to support his claim. Alone with EJ, Nicole opens up about how she came to have Sydney. Nicole tells EJ that Mia wanted her to be Sydney's mother because Chad left her and wasn't around. She doesn't say anything about not adopting her legally; the less she admits, the better.

EJ admits he had second thoughts about Sydney and has decided that he wants her in his life, but not Nicole. "Nicole is expecting their whole family to bet together again," says AZ. "That's her way back into EJ's life. So to hear this is devastating. Then EJ kicks both her and Sydney out of the house."

Nicole realizes she has to come up with a way to stop this situation from spinning out of control. She heads to an unconscious Stefano's hospital bedside.

"Stefano has been Nicole's rock. Who knows? Maybe he'll wake up," proposes AZ. "She spews out all these heartfelt feelings and tells him she doesn't know what to do."

Nicole realizes she has to stop Chad from getting a DNA test. She decides to think like Stefano and comes up with an idea. "She calls Chad to meet her," reveals AZ, teasing that Nicole is planning "a manipulation, any way you look at it. It's all out of desperation. She will go to any lengths to keep Sydney."

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