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Oct 5 2009, 11:31 PM
I'm all for new families to the canvas; remember the Hollingsworths, the Deckers and the Robbins? Those were three other families tptb brought on, made a big deal of and then threw under the bus. I'm only hoping they do the same with the Hernandez clan. I found those other families far more intriguing and woven into the show more naturally. I also don't see how the Hernandezes represent a return to family values.....just me?

I also wish that if they were trying to diversify that they would actually do it. One in-name latino family and Abe/Lexie do not a melting pot make.
I don't think the Hernandez family by itself will bring a return to family values. I am hoping that the show will make a return to some good family values like they used to have. Hopefully, adding some new blood to the show might help with that. IMO, it is really needed. All we have had for a few years now are villains and murders, kidnappings, etc. While I think those are interesting and needed on a soap, I don't think they need to be the only thing a soap has.

Seeing Sami as changed as she is and with a man like Rafe who loves her and is devoted to all of her kids, I think could help change the direction of the show somewhat.
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